Bloody Knife
  • 'I hope senpai will notice me' the dere edition
  • Deredere: I wonder if senpai will notice me if I make him bento today!
  • Tsundere: I-it's not like I want senpai to notice me or anything...! He isn't that cool anyway!
  • Yandere: Senpai! I removed your girlfriend who was in the way of our fated love. Will you notice me now? Why won't you notice me senpai!?
  • Dandere: I don't think senpai would notice me anyway, so it doesn't matter...
  • Kuudere: I don't really care whether senpai notices me or not.
  • Himedere: If senpai wants me to notice him, he better kneel down and lick my shoes.